Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewey's #Readathon Progress Hours 1 - 4

Hour 1 (11pm - 12 am AEST)

Started with: Reunion Pass (Eternity Springs #11) by Emily March

Pages read: 104
Time spent reading: 59 minutes
Snacks eaten:chocolate bullets and a handful of shapes
Comments about the hour: The books not the most exciting thing i have ever read.  I am not quite bored but i was kinda glad when the time saying the first hour was up and I could spend 5 or so minutes on social media.  100 in to a 300 page book and we are still in set up. At least I am reading through it fairly quickly and haven't fallen asleep though dead tired :-P

Hour 2 (12am - 1am AEST)

Read: Reunion Pass (Eternity Springs #11) by Emily March
Pages read:54
Time spent reading:32 minutes
Snacks eaten: none
Comments about the hour: called it a night about 12.42 as my eyes started to close by themselves.  Will finish this book in the morning.

Hour 3 (1 am - 2 am AEST) & Hour 4 (2am - 3 am AEST)

No reading and much sleeping like a log done :-)