Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour #Readathon Oct 2016

In a few hours time, I will starting to participate in what I think is my third Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon and this time, despite the really late I signed up post ;-P, I am prepared with a capital"P".

Due to a house inspection earlier today, all the housework for the weekend has been DONE!  My four year old is enjoying a sleepover at Nana's house so I will be child free.  This leaves the rest of my weekend wide open to do nothing but READ! :-)

Now one of the most important parts of the readathon comes before it even begins and that is putting together your Readathon TBR pile.  I started preparing mine about a week ago with a goodreads shelf

Nikk's Readathon TBR Shelf

After Alice Midnight Marked Midnight Crossroad Scarlet Paper Towns Angel of Storms The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Since You've Been Gone Every Heart a Doorway The Ruby Talisman The Things I Didn't Say The Forgotten Pearl A Beautiful Wedding Dance with the Devil Red Hill Reunion Pass The Courtesan Frost Like Night

Then I started pulling the physical books out.  I may have gotten a just a little enthusiastic :-P

Finally narrowed it down to starting with these below and then can pick from my above image depending on my mood.

Again this is always subject to change.

The next thing to consider is The reading space.  I love my reading space.  It gets great sunlight during the day and I have a nice light in the evenings.  Its comfy.  I can spread out, and its right next to the book shelf for when I am ready to move on to my next book :-)

Next is reading materials.  I visited the library earlier today for a last minute browse for anything worthy of adding to the TBR pile.  3 of those books made it to the very top!

Even more exciting was the new purchase I made just a couple of hours ago.  My previous kindle paperwhite was stolen a few months back so I finally purchased a new one this afternoon.  It's charging and i have already loaded it up in preparation :-)

The last important thing to organise is snacks.  The right snacks make you read faster!  It's true, I promise! :-P

These are my pre-readathon preparations, I am ready to go as soon as we hit the start. Are you reading this readathon? What books are on your TBR pile? As do you have any pre-readathon rituals or things you like to do in preparation?

Comment below and let me know.

I will be updating on this blog every few hours to update my progress as well as on instagram so keep popping back to see how I go.

Happy Readathon everyone!  May you have a great 24 hours of reading!


  1. Oh I love Morgan Matson! I haven't read that one yet (though I have it). Happy RAT day!

  2. Looks like you're having a great Readathon. Keep up the good work.

    JL's Bibliomania